Featured Artists


Jake Parker

Jake Parker is an illustrator, writer, teacher and creator of Inktober. Since 1999 he has worked on everything from animated films to comics to picture books. Jake currently freelances out of his studio in Provo, Utah.



Levi Prewitt

Levi Prewitt is a cartoonist and ramen enthusiast from San Francisco, California. 



Joy Ang

Joy Ang is a children's book illustrator who also dabbles in the animation and comic industries. She's an enthusiastic mushroom forager and lives in the Seattle area.



Anthony Holden

Anthony Holden is a father and professional drawer. He spends his daytime hours trying to balance playing with his kids while making art for television, film and comics.



Jake Wyatt

Jake Wyatt makes comics for publishers like Marvel, DC, and Image, and helps make cartoons for clients like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Jake is the writer and artist of the comic Necropolis. He also watches a lot of anime.



Artemii Myasnikov

Artemii Myasnikov aka Art-Veider is a Saint Petersburg based artist. Artemii started his career as an animator, but in 2009 shifted to working in the video game industry. Artemii is currently an art director.



Trudi Castle

Trudi Castle is a video game artist who draws horrible scary things during the day, and cute things in the evening! She loves most sugary foods, riding her motorbike, and playing too many games.


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CROM is an Illustrator and tattooist based In London UK. comics, animations and necromancy among other things



Dani Diez

Dani Diez, a Spanish artist based in Montreal, has been working in both the video games and animation film industries. He is currently the Art Director at Square Enix Montreal. He also release art books regularly and is always making room for my personal projects, which are his real passion.



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Contributor Artists

Derek Laufman

Father, husband and freelance artist. Creator of the comic series RuinWorld. 



Aaron Painter

Aaron is a cartoonist and co-creator of Art Drop Club. He can't skateboard, but he can draw.



Erin Hunting

Erin is a Melbourne based illustrator and character designer who loves to create drawings for picture books and comics as well as working in visual development for animation!



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